As working parents, we all set out to find the best daycare for our children. We had a good feeling about the teachers from the first tour, and can honestly say we are consistently blown away by love the Little Einstein’s faculty shows our kids. Our daughter is in the toddler room, our son in the infant room. Our daughter impresses us with her beyond-her-age abilities on a regular basis, no doubt in part due to the curriculum at Little Einstein’s. Also impressive- she is able to understand Spanish fluently due to the dual language program, and has started to speak it. Our son is flourishing and we never have any doubt that he is getting everything he needs during the day in terms of development and love. We highly recommend this program.

Allison Durkee, Parent

We could not imagine a better fit for our family than Little Einsteins Daycare. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, responsive, and most importantly, loving. Our daughter has grown immensely by participating in innovative activities throughout the day and by being exposed to a bilingual learning environment. As first-time parents, we didn’t know what to expect from a daycare, we were thrilled when they brought in developmental screening resources from Chicago Public Schools. We were reassured during a pandemic when they shared guidelines and procedures supported by science. We also have had so much joy when we attended well-planned Christmas recitals and Mother’s Day celebrations. 

Kruse Family

From the day we toured Little Einstein’s, we knew we had found the perfect fit for our family. You can tell our son’s teachers love him,  and they take amazing care of him! His teachers send frequent updates about his progress and are always available to answer questions and give advice. The baby classroom is clean, filled with developmentally appropriate toys, and cute artwork. Our son enjoys playing with his friends and eating yummy, home cooked food, and we enjoy the perk of having less laundry by taking advantage of their cloth diaper service. Having a baby during COVID is different than what we had expected, but Little Einstein’s has done a great job with safety protocols and adapting their family traditions to Zoom format. We could not be happier with our experience here!

The Burgess-Brown Family

Little Einstein’s has been a blessing to our family. Both of our girls attend and love their second home. The teachers are extremely passionate about children and are consistently striving for excellence in education as well as developing positive growth. Our oldest daughter has blossomed here since her enrollment. We are extremely lucky and blessed to have found such a loving environment that provides excellent care and more importantly, a staff who is truly dedicated to the positive development of our children. We cannot say enough thanks to all the teachers at Little Einstein’s. Thank you! 

Rundell Family

Having my daughter attend Little Einstein, there is no other childcare provider I would ever consider.  No other could measure up to the standard they’ve set.  My daughter is precious, intelligent, emotional and silly.  The attention she receives  – academic, socal, and emotional – at Little Einstein has ensured she continues to flourish and grow.  At 3 years old, she is already engaging at a level beyond her years and I am constantly amazed at the care every single teacher takes with her and every other child enrolled. 
I heartily recommend Little Einstein to all parents in the area. 

Angelique & Mike Zobitz

As a parent, there is no substitute for peace of mind. And every morning, we drop our daughter off knowing that she will be loved, nurtured, and educated in a safe and supportive environment. Complete peace of mind!

Thompson Family

“Our son Isaiah attended LED from 6 weeks when it was a home daycare until he graduated at 5 yrs old. They were a blessing from the very beginning. The transition to the center brought a larger staff, more kids, more parents…..a larger family! Mari & Jose have a way of getting everyone involved with the perfect blend of love, nurture, stability, and education. Their amazing staff are caring and attentive. Isaiah is in school now but still feels at home every time we visit.”

Velez Family

Little Einstein’s was the first daycare we visited, way back when I knocked on their door with a barely showing baby bump. Our daughter started when she was 12 weeks old. As a new mother, I couldn’t imagine my baby developing a bond with someone other than us.  Now I know it is pure joy to drop my daughter off at Little Einstein’s and see the love she has for her teachers, and they for her. Ms. Mari and her dedicated staff have become like family to us. They have clapped for her first steps and rocked her to sleep. She’s been thriving at Little Einstein’s for 3 years now, with teachers and friends she’s had since she was an infant!

The teachers aid the children in every facet of their development, providing a stimulating environment that makes learning fun; getting them moving indoors and out with nature walks, an outdoor playground, dancing, and riding trikes; modeling good behavior and manners from sharing meals to friendships; and nurturing their hearts and rejoicing in the uniqueness of each child. When we had our second child, there was never any doubt that she would be a Little Einstein, too!

Mary Kane & Nate Tovo

If you are looking for a caring, nurturing environment for your child, Little Einstein’s is an ideal location.  The facility is small enough to get to know Ms. Mari, Mr. Jose, and their family, but big enough to provide different rooms based on developmental ages and a variety of activities. It’s the best of both worlds, with small classes and individualized attention but the warmth that a home or family can provide.  The teachers are warm and engaging and caring.  The food is homemade and delicious (so says my son!) We love that our son is learning Spanish, too, in an immersion environment a few times a week.   Little Einstein’s has also gone above and beyond curriculum with its impressive Silver award that very few other daycare / preschools have achieved.

Great work to the Nieves family and what an outstanding program! We are honored to be a part of Little Einstein’s!   

Allison Rezabeck
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